Friday Feature – Jessica Deleo


JDToday’s Friday Feature is the lovey Jessica Deleo, a Richmond Realtor, newlywed specialist, and Real Estate blogger. Make sure you check out her blog HERE. It’s full of useful tips and resource guides for buyers, sellers, and home owners.


Where are you from? Culpeper, VA.

Where did you go to school and what did you study? I went to VCU and the Brandcenter. I studied creative advertising and creative brand Management.  

Why did you become a Realtor? I became a realtor for a few reasons. I wanted to work for myself and my husband and I have a big dream of opening a event and brewery space some day so I wanted to get familiar with the real estate market and have access to looking for properties. Now I love working with first time buyers and helping them find their first homes. 

What advice can you give to a young couple purchasing their first home? Don’t rush and don’t be afraid to ask questions. This is the biggest purchase you’ll make in your life so take the time to find the right home and to get financially ready. If you aren’t sure what you should do to get ready to buy a home ask an agent or a loan officer. They can tell you how to prepare and what steps you personally need to take to become a homeowner.

Tell me a little about your other business. I have a passion for celebrating and hosting. I loved celebrating new homes with my clients and those special milestones in life so I started a gifting company with a friend of mine. It’s my passion project – 

What music do you like? I listen mostly to country but I love most music. Everything from 90s to some alternative rock. 

What is the best restaurant in the area?  So many I love. Maxx’s on broad, wild ginger, and mosaic are my top picks.

What would your last meal on earth would be? Steak, my Grandad’s Mac and cheese and sweet tea, with good Malbec and dessert of my grandmas gingerbread cookies.

What do you wish you had invented? Pinterest. I’d vaguely bought “man it would be great if I could invent somewhere to store all these images, links, articles easily instead downloading or individually bookmarking them.” Yep, that would be Pinterest. It’s so much more than that now though. 

What are you passionate about? Showing appreciation for those you love; friends and family. Caring for animals. And being an reliable friend, mentor, and resource for others. 


Why should I choose to work with you? Everyone needs to make money but my end game is not dollars. I want my buyers to be happy in the homes they choose to call theirs. My goal is to educate and guide buyers so they make the best choice for them, not what makes me the most money. I’ll never push a buyer into a house they don’t want or even just sorta like. 

Do you have any pets? Yep! 2 dogs – An Australian Sheppard and a Yorkshire. The Aussie has her own social account -Follow Ember – @embertheaussie. ember

What is your favorite charitable cause? I was just at a conference with a woman who developed the non-profit Savvy Giving By Design, which redesigns and decorates the rooms of children currently experiencing a medical illness or issue. While it’s new to me it is quickly become my most loved charitable cause because it makes such a difference in the child’s and the family’s life. 

What do you wish to improve on in 2018? My mission in 2018 is to improve the education of home buyers so they better understand and feel confident in their home purchase. 

 You can call Jessica on her cell phone (540) 718-2282 or email Make sure to visit her blog RVA Homes with Jess.

The End!

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