Five questions everyone should ask their mortgage lender…

 1 How long have you been in business and how long have you been specializing in residential home loans?

Sierra Pacific Mortgage is celebrating its 30th year and has specialized in residential home loans since the beginning. I personally have been a mortgage loan officer for 7 years.

 2 Do you process, underwrite, and fund your own loans?

Sierra Pacific Mortgage and our experienced staff will handle all aspects of your mortgage loan from origination through closing. This means less red tape, fewer documentation requests and much faster loan closing times!

 3 Do you service your own loans?

In the mortgage business, when someone states they “service” loans, that means the same company that provided your loan, manages your mortgage payments. This is also an indication of stability and financial resources. Sierra Pacific Mortgage services many of their loans, making Sierra Pacific among the largest private lenders in the nation.

 4 How technology savvy are you?

Sierra Pacific Mortgage has won several technology awards and allows customers to submit, view and sign many of the required documents electronically, which saves time and makes the home loan process more efficient.

 5 How many locations do you have?

Sierra Pacific Mortgage maintains a national footprint with over 130 offices and is licensed in 49 states, so you can work directly with a loan officer who is familiar with your area! I personally am licensed for the entire state of Virginia and would love to be your Virginia Loan Lady. Call/email/text anytime 757.620.8698

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